Welcome! UwU πŸ’–

Hello! Welcome to my website β€” quite a nerd, huh? :D Since you're here, let me tell you something about myself :3

I'm an UwU furry 🐾 femboy fox 🦊 who happens to like Linux 🐧, computer networking πŸ”—, wikis πŸ“ and other nerdy stuff β€” it really does change often and my hyperfixations shift.

I exist in a few places on the internet, some of them you can find in links below. See the disclaimer for more on that.

This page is mostly used be me as a frontpage to share on socials but I also have some stuff in here!

If you want to contact me, using Matrix is my preferred way of doing it – thanks!

Alternatively you may reach me by sending an email to [email protected].

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Ah yeah that's me. Quite a fox, innit?

Links to my other online presences